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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we have breaking new out of bristol. case of road rage. a driver shot up a car tonight police say smack dab in the middle of rush hour on i-95. man in buick rendezvous shouted at another driver to roll down this window he point add gun at him and fired off two shots. one hit the rubber trim on the top of the passenger door. the other flew through the back of the car. fortunately no one is hurt. the guy in that buick.hing for- he broke the rules not once, not twice but three times apparently the judge thought it was time for actual consequences but tonight hundreds are saying local rapper meek mill doesn't deserve that punish many. that includes every day folk and celebrities and athletes alike even colin kaepernick is taking this one on he beated about the case tonight. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. so a crowd of people outraged by that decision to put meek mill behind bars for two to four years gathered tonight.
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our dave kinchen is live in center city where supports took to the streets to demand his freedom. dave? >> reporter: lucy, we actually just heard a couple people yelling free meek mill outside of the criminal justice sent. why the judge on the case probably isn't in the building at this hour, their message was clear nevertheless. >> i need everybody to be quiet. >> there would not be much quiet at all in front of the criminal justice center in center city. as hundreds ripped a judge for sending rapper meek mill to prison for two to four years. >> free meek mill! free meek mill! >> reporter: controversial judge was handed down after multiple probation violations stemming from a 2008 gun and drugs case. but many here say it under scores the need for criminal justice reform and also believe the decision was personal with years of bad blood between meek mill and judge jenice bring guilty what this judge has done is outrageous. it's arbitrary.
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it's capricious. >> way worse stuff happening going on and way worse people that did stuff gone away with stuff. and i just don't respect it at all. >> message for and everyone ever been wrongly convict order wrongly imprisoned to give them a fair opportunity. >> reporter: loudest voices came from music's biggest and meek's peers reaction concert like when rick ross made his way through the crowd and philly rapper spoke out and charlie mack and julius irving. >> it's important more me to support meek mill much that's my brother. i seen this journey from the beginning. >> it's difficult out here sometimes. bumpy road here. bumpy road there. >> this is indicative of mass incarceration throughout ameri america. >> reporter: protesters want the judge on the case off the case. they say that her decision was made even though it went against the recommendations of the da's office. the attorney for meek mill filed a motion to get the judge off
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the case as well. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. montgomery county police arrested man that a lot of neighbors losing sleep. authorities say 21-year-old myrell mccoy tried to break into more than 20 homes most threw the first floor or ground level window. many he actually made night and stole cash and computers in some cases even while people were inside asleep. he faces felony counts of burglary. so a slew of new charge toss in the hazing death of a penn state sophomore because of what the fbi has recovered. cameras caught hazing. cameras in the basement also caught the hazing of 19 year only timothy piazza. but authorities originally could find no footage there those basement cameras until prosecutors sent that equipment off to the bureau. the fbi retrieved the video that some folks said did not exist. and now fraternity member braxton becker accused of sleeting it and facing tampering charges in the da charged ten new defendants and reinstated charges against those who had
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cases dropped. those who were already charged now face some additional counts. >> we're making holiday plans without our son tim because of your actions. if you do not commit the acts did you, we would not be here today. >> piazza fell time and again during that night of drinking at the frat house in february. he later died of his injuries. happening right now, what cameras catch these days. they were rolling at a 7eleven in oak lane when they caught woman police say purposely slamming into an employee with her car. dave schratwieser has been talking with that 7eleven employee, dave, man he's got quite a story to tell. >> reporter: lucy, in fact he just came back to work today suffering from multiple broken bones when police say he was run over in the 7eleven parking lot by an irate customer after a brief argument. >> walking inside on the phone too. >> reporter: eric gory never saw it coming when police say a
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female driver purposely ran him over in the parking lot outside the 7eleven where he works in oak lane. >> i thought maybe they want to kill me. >> reporter: the 27-year-old father of three said the female customer and a male companion were inside the store moments before the incident. after leaving the store, she can be seen on video driving her car erratically in the parking lot just missing people. >> you can see clearly in the video when she initially reverses one of the individuals falls in the parking lot and actually does a front summer salt. >> i thought they left and they came back again to the parking lot. >> reporter: gory said he toll the couple earlier not to come back to the store after he suspected the male suspect of shoplifting. then as he stood with his back to the lot, just outside the front door, surveillance cameras caught the driver plowing into gory then into the store. >> very lucky that be alive. the rate of speed you can see clearly in the video. she basically opinions him between the building. >> reporter: gory suffered a broken foot, several broken bones in his hand and bruises to
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his face. the crash also knock down the front facade and broke a big glass plate window. >> this female driver posed a serious theretofore one out there that night. >> reporter: do you think you're lucky that be alive. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: gory is under going treatment for his injuri injuries. he's hoping someone will take look at that surveillance video and caught call police much lu lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. big warnings blaring across the garden state tonight. fake prescription pills are on the streets. some so potenting that drop an elephant. so far this year police across new jersey have seized more than half a million pills. now in in cases they're ten times or even 10,000 times more poe at the present time than morphine which the drug dealers are claiming they are. now those pills they can kill you with a single doze the sign of grain of rice. our brad sattin spoke with one man who has been battling addiction and he says he's not surprised. >> i've seen a lot of people in
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this area that had to do that. >> reporter: take pill and hope it's the right thing? >> right. and nine out of ten it's not what they were looking for. >> health officials say drug dealers are able to manipulate the pills and make them look like something that are not. developing in the bribery trial against new jersey senate bob menendez jurors are deadlocked. they have got to start from scratch all over again. so here's what happened. replace many juror took over for one that left on vacation on thursday. so they went to the, you know, table today to negotiate all this. to look at all this to deliberate all of this and they couldn't come up with a consensus. so the judge said, you know what, go on home, get some sleep, and clear your head and then come on back tomorrow with at 9:30am. so the jurors are excused for the evening. they're back tomorrow deliberating yet again. >> as i said two and a half years ago when i first faced
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these charges, i was innocent. and clearly there are jurors who believe in my innocence. >> prosecutors say men and in dez accepted gifts from wealthy florida eye doctor in exchange for political influence. you heard what he says. he thinks he's innocent. that's it. local little league concession ren 98ed last year now you can see what happened to it. it's gone. arson investigators are look nothing what started that fire that burned down the stanton newport little league concession stand and the community are just wondering what they can do to help before baseball season starts in april. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in newport with the story. chris? >> reporter: lucy, when the president of the stanton newport little league got the phone call early yesterday morning, made his way to the field, he was sick to his stomach. you can understand why. this is what he came across.
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the concession stand knowing years and years of work and all that fundraising literally wept um in smoke. >> we had deep freezers. we had water ice. um, deep friars, coolers. we had pretzel machine. a hotdog roller. >> reporter: jeffer. >> it was a lot. >> reporter: fast-moving early sunday morning fire destroyed the stanton newport little league's concession stand that was just renovated last year. a $50,000 loss. >> this was brand new. >> brand new. it was newly renovated for the 2017 season. >> reporter: what was once the hub of this little league is now nothing but a burned out shell. the delaware state fire marshal tells fox 29 it's investigating possible arson. but so far there is no official cause. investigators only saying the fire started in the middle of the night weeks after it was last occupied. >> it's tough. it's tough. for the kids, you know. when the kids see it.
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some of the kids have seen it and it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: the league will now start from scratch figuring out how much it will cost to rebuild, where the money will come from and if it's even possible by opening day neck april. >> it's a lot of heart ache. because it's a lot of volunteer time that goes into it. you know nobody gets paid for this. all the families, all the volunteers putting countless hours in. >> reporter: as you can see, there is literally nothing left. the roof of this building is gone. nothing left. now the league will be holding a fundraiser in the next few weeks to figure out how they can rebuild. but right now, they're in waiting mode. it's just regrouping to figure out if insurance will cover any of this mess. lucy? >> let's hope it does. feel so sorry for those kids. all right, thank you, chris. >> reporter: yeah. social media all fun and good when you're getting a few likes on your post, right, but it can get dangerous in hurry especially for children a local
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little girl and her mom, they've got quite a story to tell. and your blood pressure good yesterday. ott not so much today and we've got a big reason for that. and the philadelphia eagles are eight and one. showing off serious skills on the field this year. the grid iron, right. what if i told you they also had some serious moves on the runw runway. see what's going on right there several eagles players participating in the fourth annual fashion touchdown show tonight in center city. it's all to raise awareness for children facing adversity and support the big brothers, big sisters organization. good stuff. "good day philadelphia"'s own mike jerick and alec holley
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♪ warning tonight for children and their parents from a young girl and her mom, you never know who you're really hanging out with online. especially when children are online. they may think they're talking with a friend, but that person could be anything but. shawnette wilson has this mother and daughter's story life not at the fbi philadelphia field office. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, you're a pan. you can imagine this mom is just going through a range of emotions. she's upset. she's angry and tonight she's also concerned that her daughter might not be the only victim. 11-year-old jasmine uses the
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social media app musically to make goof tee videos and lip sync. her account is private but messages she received after accepting a follow up request from someone they shut was a boy she knew has her wanting to log off for good. >> i just got really scared even didn't know what to do so i just told my mom. report roar jasmine's mom told her last week about the sexually explicit messages including quests for nude pictures and threats to rape her. >> she's been so nervous to tell me and she is scared to say the things he said but i said it's important for you let me know so we can help you and help others report roar lisa says she sent musically an in app message about what happened and tonight she contacted the fbi much she's angry and concerned about the effect it's having on her little girl. >> that doesn't go away after. that sticks in their heads, and úmuch is gone.r innocence pretty report roar lisa says she wants
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the person doing this stopped and she foo fears her daughter isn't the only victim. the minimum age to be on musically is 13. >> it doesn't really matter what age they are. what matter social security these predators coming to them. >> reporter: and spoke person for the app says they will review this family's complain. they say they also have lots of information on the app website to help navigate their children being online. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. so still no heat at gray grs furry charter school the boiler broke last week leading to frosty classrooms. school told parents it would have it fixed over the weekend so today students arrived think it will be nice and warm and toasty inside. no, same problem greeter. the school moved the students to audenried high school right across the street. in a statement the school says it notified parents about the issue via robo call saying the boiler's age is playing a factor but that school will fact in fact be back in session tomorr
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tomorrow. so the university of pennsylvania basketball team has just made its top draft pick already he's 12 years old. his name is tommy johnston. he's from mt. laurel, new jersey. you know that he's battled hypo plastic left heart syndrome sin the day he was born. there he is right there coaching the background flares players on the side. now, this syndrome did not stop him from getting drafted by the penn basketball team tonight much he's quaker now. team impact a non hiv profit that helps kids with chronic or life-threatening conditions helped coordinate this big draft day. as part of the team, tommy is going to attend practices, he's going to go to games. going to go to team dinners, events and, so much more. >> we couldn't be more thrilled to have him be part of our program. we're really psych to have him join the penn basketball family. tommy johnston. [ applause ]
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>> where is my jersey? i wore it before but for the news people to see. [ laughter ] >> he's putting it on for the news people. he's so cute. i love him. tom mow was there tonight when penn took on lasalle at the palestra. by the way this is also great for the penn students and the penn team because they can actually see somebody over coming object tarcels and battling things that they cannot snow classroom. so it's good all the way around. for your health tonight next time you see a doctor you might be diagnosed with high blood pressure. even if your readings have not changed in years. new guidelines row leased by the american heart association and they're reclass feig almost half the us population as hypertensive. half. half. high blood pressure has a long meant a top reading of at least 140 or bottom one of 90 that now drops to 130 over 80. doctors say only 2% of these newly added people need
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medication however. all right. let's take look at the ben franklin parkway tonight. kind of a cold and dreary day. soiree mined me led zeppelin misty mountain hop today. i used to be a disc jockey. >> back in the day. >> back in the day. >> when you were like 12. >> nine. >> nine. >> what's a couple years. >> that's my story. i'll stick to it. >> that's right. looking pretty good outside tonight. it's cool, it's still damp. there's still a little bit of fog out there. the high temperature only made it to 45 degrees. >> wow. >> that was it with the cloud cover we're still sitting at about 40. north northwest winds at 7 miles an hour. so not a lot of wind out there which is good. ultimate doppler showing some breaks in the overcast but you can see the way all this is moving from the north to the soul. we have that northerly wind high pressure to the north. going to dry us out but that cool canadian air is going to continue to spill in. it's freezing in the pock noti notice. 35 in allentown. 32 in pottstown. with areas of fog. reading 35. and right now in wilmington it's 38 degrees. as we look at the visible you can see where bright white is in
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upper bucks, upper montgomery and also the northeastern corner of chester county. look at this pottstown quarter mile visible. the same in quakertown, perkasie seeing those tissues night. 4-mile visibility in millville and ac airport some areas of fog with 3-mile visible. as you go hour by hour that high pressure system is going to dry us out overnight. skies becoming partly cloudy and tomorrow see sunshine for the morning rush and then as we go through the late afternoon into the evening still seeing those northerly winds and seeing those clear skies. temperatures are going to be warping tomorrow but a cold start and at the bus stop it will be chilly for the kids as well. none in reading. 29 in pottstown. 35 in philadelphia. 33 in millville. so another wintry morning across the philadelphia area. our suburbs much during the day tomorrow around 50 in the city. 49 in allentown most of the suburbs to the north and west in the 40s. south and east in the 50s. the poconos only getting up to 39 degrees. take look the your seven day forecast.
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the good news is today was the worst day of the week. so that's good. we're look aig head to warmer item for wednesday, 54 and sun sunny. thursday that's when the warmth peaks at 58 warm. friday cooler 51. saturday for the temple game look likes showers and cooler for sunday and monday with temperatures well below normal with highs only in the fours. want to give a big shout out to the girls at the rizzo pal center. w had a great time talking about being positive. it was the positive images program told them all about what i do and invited them down to the station. a lot of bright girls in middle school and in high school and talking about being positive and getting things done. girl power, lucy. >> i know you like that. >> 100% do. good job for you on that. i love that. >> it was fun. of course. you know what, kristen is loving fun in the end zone. right, kristen? >> yeah i'm living for these touchdown celebrations. others are not about them. so i'm ready to shut down the
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haters and advocate
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♪ since the nfl took more relaxed approach to the touchdown celebration rules, we've seen some real highlights from leap frog to duck duck goose and of course the eagles homerun against the cardinals. i live for these. but some people i've talked with and have taken my poll on twitter hate them. i'm here to shut down that negative talk. because why are you guys hating on fun? yes, self fishily these celebrations make great gifts for me to tweet out but also creating great chem tree within the guys. take the eagles, for example, torry smith actually plans these skits out it's something for the guys to look forward to and, yeah, incentive to get into the end zone. so they can put on a show. these guys aren't doing anything dangerous. and for those that say it's unprofessional, we're talking about sports. it's fun to watch. let these guys do their thing and in the meantime, give me more of that limbo in the canadian football league because i want to keep the teams raising
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the bar. lucy. >> i love that. all right, so you ready to head down to marge rotaville with me. >> oh wear. >> i know you are. you're a parrot head. folks in florida have been lining up so they can be, i don't know, maybe wasted away again in jimmy buffet retirement community. daytona beach residents hoping to buy up the first 378 to us lots. plenty searching for their shaker of saul. or just watching the sun bake. while waiting in line all day yesterday to get spot. ultimately developers plan to build 6900 homes. fox 29 still cannot confirm whether it's a woman to blame or if it's nobody's fault. >> it's nobody's fault. >> but as long as they found that lost shaker of salt. >> it's all good. >> a couple of shakers of salt down in daytona beach. >> jimmy buffet is doing
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♪ announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: shaquille 'neal's sweet 16 for his daughterwill put everybody to shame because he blew a million bucks. ♪ >> jay-z, he was performing. he addresses colin kaepernick. >> it's no about playing. it's about justice. harvey: are people who go to these concerts receptive to political'sages -- political messages? >> are you really annoyed with kanye? >> hold on, jay-z gives yu the message and he drops the song. kanye makes you listen to the sermon for 40 minutes. >> insane video of an nfl star from a brawl in a casino. he looks up to a potted plant and just rips it out. security guards just ump on him. literally five guys on his back and they cannot gt him to the ground. they bring him to the holding cell in the casino.


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